Taste Of Sorrow
Taste Of Sorrow
    All Songs by Dekeyser/Mauroy/Sokay/Bortolin
     Recorded in Studios Caraibes (Brussels)
     Produced by Gilles Martin & The Breath Of Life
     Published by Third Finger Records
     Produced 1994 by Hall Of Sermon
     Licensed from Third Fingers Records
     Copyrighted by Prophecies Publishing
     Marketed by Nuclear Blast GmbH
     Released on 15-October-1994
Nasty Cloud 4:48
The Sun 4:39
Go Away 3:17
Strings Of Pearls 3:49
Naureen 4:02
Shining 3:10
Down 3:50
No Way 5:58
Forgotten Trees 3:52
Gathering 4:24


Nasty Cloud

  In the dark, he was all alone
  Between four black walls without light
  Can't see the sun and can't feel the wind
  That's the life for this little child

  Close the door - breathe a nasty cloud
  A taste of salt in the mouth
  Try to sleep to pass the time
  And believe in the promise she made

  Waiting for the light - Believe in a new sun
  And do not disturb
  The son was always there
  His mother broke the promise she made

  He didn't know what happend
  In the spirit of his house
  A new father with my mother
  And no place for me...

The Sun

  Like a flower grows in the earth
  Go and reach the sun, little flower
  Never seen, never heard before
  Go and see - there's sun behind the door
  Go and try - You'll be on the right way

  A bird is flying to a warm land
  The sun like the life invites him
  Welcome here, my bird
  Go and fly - Follow your feelings
  Go and fly - Discover the new things
  Go and fly - You'll be on the right way

  Where's the sun now?
  Clouds in the sky

  The wind is blowing in your head.
  Even the sky's cloudy - Try to fight
  Live a life - without cruelty
  Live a life - without fears
  Change a life - You can be happy, now...

Go Away

  Go away - I don't want you to hear this game
  Go away - Strange words for this cruel scene
  I don't want you to do the same
  Take care of this crazy game

  Go away - Here we go to this game
  Go away - Here we go through the brains

  Go away - I don't want you to play this game
  Go away - If you want to save your soul
  Please get out to keep your brain
  Brain with tears for a dead man

Strings Of Pearls

  The crowd was there for this village feast
  An old tradition for all natives
  Everywhere we can see some lights and
  Strings of Pearls
  They breathe the joy for this criminal feast

  All the village was in an excessive rage
  They were too impatient to near the death
  The stars are the kids for this criminal feast
  They smash through the air
  And try to reach the hens

  A town enraged


  Naureen goes out with her anxious little smile
  She wants to exist, but the trees aren't very nice
  She walks away trying to learn her new town
  She hears new sounds and welcome to your new life

  Can I hear you big sounds
  Or I can hear without sound
  I need you show me some other trees
  Let's go to your side
  I need I show you some other trees
  Let's go to my side

  Naureen keep your smile - your waves
  For your love, your past, you've gone away
  Go Away - Far away - Keep away

  Naureen can fly like a gracious little bird
  And tree by tree, she tries to remember something
  But as all the leaves are not necessary green
  She'll have to find or expect near some trees


  Shame in her mind
  Void in her life
  What does she need to live a dream?

  She was so young and ever nothing to say
  She needed something but what?
  She was so calm - void in her life

  For her, landscapes don't have colours anymore
  No more relief in her eyes
  Was into space or trying to catch something

  She was walking in the dull urban town
  Without expression on her face
  Void in her eyes - No more desire

  When I saw a tear in the corner of her eye
  What was she thinking about?
  Stare it the cold? Or was it a dream?


  Welcome in this immortal cave
  Where the ground is moving
  Go and hear the noisy fear
  You can follow me

  The candlelight -
  Only the candlelight everywhere is in the cave
  Follow me - hear the soul
  Follow me down

  Going down
  Hear voices and touch the walls
  Can you feel it's trembling?
  Follow me - Far away
  Follow me down

  Going down
  Go and walk through the screams
  Noisy breathing - Smell of burning
  Follow me down

  Voices call you - Voices call
  Voices call the new souls
  Don't worry - Follow me
  Follow me down

No Way

  Wake up on the ground
  Without sand and without sound
  Trying to recognize the place where you are
  (Fade) flowers on the ground what a lovely surprise
  And you want to go out
  You begin swearing
  And don't see the satin sky
  Your limbs are giving way and you want to go out

  Walls are very high
  You are suffocating now
  'Cause you can't see the sky
  (Some) ashes on the ground
  Another lovely surprise
  And you want to go out
  Trying to reach a door - A door not a wall
  But your limbs are still giving way
  And you want to go out

  This calling needs you
  In this time where you are
  This calling is looking after you
  In this time where you are

  Take care of the voice
  While you walk along the wall
  Trying to find a door - A door not a wall
  Something over there
  Please don't fall in despair
  If you want to go out
  You have to find the door
  But a door not a wall
  Voices are holding you here
  And you can't go out

Forgotten Trees

  He did not know what was all about
  To leave the trees for a city
  He lived alone in a big green house - Alone
  Trucks and cars making up such a cloudy sky
  Should he stand a long time?

  He could not know what was all about
  Stay a long time in a city
  He figured out roses in a town - No park

  Try to hold a part of the trees alive
  growing up in his heart

  How does he feel without the trees?

  He locked so strange after a few months
  Living alone in the city
  No more trees growing his heart - So dark
  He poured some bloody tears on a wet black gras
  And looked up to the sky

  And one day he decides to leave
  This gloomy life in the city
  'Cause his head was so full of cries - for life
  Living dreams for trees in a big green town
  Hiding tears as he dies


  She has to hide her skin
  Apart from two eyes and two hands
  Her voice is always trembling
  When she has to talk

  For two years ago
  she's gone to a gathering
  There she can talk about herself
  And collect all the thoughts

  Freedom - only once a week
  to express pains of all days
  Even if they only speak about fears
  It's a real dream

  Gathering - Gathering

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