All Songs by Dekeyser/Mauroy/Sokay/Bortolin
     Recorded in Studios Caraibes (Brussels)
     Produced by Gilles Martin & The Breath Of Life
     Published by Third Finger Records
     Produced & Copyrighted 1995 by Third Finger Records
     Marketed  & Distributed by Big Bang Music
     Released on 10-May-1995
Shining 3:10
Taste Of Sorrow 3:55
Kutná Hora 4:00



  Shame in her mind
  Void in her life
  What does she need to live a dream?

  She was so young and ever nothing to say
  She needed something but what?
  She was so calm - void in her life

  For her, landscapes don't have colours anymore
  No more relief in her eyes
  Was into space or trying to catch something

  She was walking in the dull urban town
  Without expression on her face
  Void in her eyes - No more desire

  When I saw a tear in the corner of her eye
  What was she thinking about?
  Stare it the cold? Or was it a dream?

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